The Cake and The Food Photography Club Contest


2017-01-30-19-21-19-0800-2Instagrammers have me running all over because of them.  Los Angeles, NYC, Paris, in the middle of nowhere with one stop light.  Bon Appetit Magazine delivered has me drooling on the regular. I bought a camera because of them.  I make a light box out of cardboard and tissue paper. Not because I am unable to buy a proper light box set, ya know.  I wanted to see if the cardboard version will work.  My friends give me Stanley saw horses and plywood to make a photo table. Mats for tables scapes and place settings.  Vases.  Classes on I join a food photography club. I interview a few food stylists. My new hobby. An obsession seems a more accurate word. Taking pictures of food.  That’s right.  Making a mess in my kitchen. Testing recipes. Why? To get a picture. Food appreciation on another level. Sometimes annoying. More to the loves ones that may happen to be in my presence when any photo worthy food crosses my path.  Mistakes and all. I am in need and want to take the perfect photo.  Always. Dinners, lunches and brunches on hold.  iPhone smuggled to tables.  Yep.

My photography club is lead by long time Los Angeles based food photographer Christina Peters. We have members from all over the world.  Last winter, a food photography club contest challenge presented by Mrs. Peters.  The prize: an opportunity for 15 minutes with her.  Conversation.  Portfolio review.  Blog review.  Winners choice.  Recreate a 1970’s photo for today. It is absolutely unbelievable that some of these recipes were eatable.  Food photography in the 70’s. Was a look. Here is the link to view some sample recipe cards..

Food Photography photos from the 70’s from Christina Peters

While I accepted the challenge, at the end of the day, I don’t submit.  Lets take a look at some of my photos from my cake baking and and out-takes anyway..

I bake.  I chose to bake.. I think MOST baked good are prettier in photographs..or maybe because I usually just want to eat the cake..

This one with Jello and ice-cream between cake wedges..

late 70s food photo with recipe.. for sure one of the more lovely edible looks..

The Set Up:  How to shoot the cake?  Them, props?..

more props

Until Next Time…