Mason Jar Mixology: Homemade Coffee Liqueur


I need to channel my inner “DUDE.”  And make sure I remember what Kahlua tastes like (wink wink). Before I make my own coffee liqueur and all.  I head to the most logical place for this.  The bowling alley.  Bowl Mor Lanes in Santa Monica, CA to be specific. “Causasian”.  That’s the Dude’s  name for the White Russian.  The “Dude” in the, ya know, The Big Lebowski.  A must watch film, if you haven’t seen it.  Kahlua. And Milk. And weed. And bowling. The “Dude”.  Yep, thats the Big Lebowski.  Well, sort of.

Kahlua doesn’t like to be limited to the “Caucasian” however. There is the Sombrero. Colorado Bulldog.  And for purists, Kahlua only on the rocks.  Oh, one more, Kahlua with coffee.  No matter how you take your Kahlua it is one of the more delcious of the delicious spirits.  Kahlua originates from Mexico and was introduced in the United States in the 1960’s.  The brand is seeming always expanding.  Can you say Salted Caramel?  While Kahlua you and I know and love can be purchased and has obviously been perfected, making your own is pretty easy.  Besides it’s fun to compare the two side by side. Sip by sip.  Cheers to that!  Here’s my recipe below and some snapshots if my “research” at Bowl Mor Lanes in Santa Monica.

Side note:  One of the ingredients, glycerin typically used topically in skin creams and the like, but don’t worry.  I ask a couple of family friend concierge doctors. Approval for use in this recipe and therefore approval for ingesting has been given.

A little from my visit at Bowl Mor Lanes in Santa Monica, CA.  Super cool vibes, great tunes and full bar.  Can you say White Russian?!











The recipe and my packaging..

Kahlua Recipe:

Simple Syrup: 8 cups of sugar and 4 cups of water should be mixed together in a pot.  Bring to a boil. Let simmer for 10 minutes.  Once sugar is dissolved set aside for a slight cooling.

Add 1 cup of water to 3/4 cups of instant decaf coffee. 2 T mexican vanilla, 2T glycerin and bring to a boil.  (Recipe calls to do so in the microwave.  I do stove stop in a pot as I don’t have a microwave)  Add half gallon of vodka and incorporate the cooling simple syrup with all other combined ingredients and chill or enjoy immediately.  As simple as that.



Kahlua in a mason jar before I shake into a White Russian of my own
Newspaper and ribbon in a glass jar for storage and or gifting is always a good idea

Thats it. So, again, no matter how you take your Kahula!  Enjoy!  And please drink responsibly.  And should you need a White Russian recipe, Kahlua website has one that you can use on

P.S.   instead of milk, I also use heavy cream! as does the Kahlua website….some use milk.. whatever you like.

Until Next Time..