Mason Jar Mixology presents: Homemade Irish Cream

img_2651If there was ever an “off the menu” favorite at a cocktail party, this is the one.  The location of this said “off the menu” is to be found at my Fathers’ (yes I have two as my Father and his partner have been together over thirty years) annual holiday charity party. While there is no shortage of libations (or food), this one is the most popular and often reserved for the end of the night after the guests leave and the following morning with coffee. Seriously, year after year, despite the canapés, chocolate fountain, tray passings of this and that and whatever the bar seemed to be mixing up or pouring by the glass, this one the most requested. Word travels fast around town. So, long before I had my hands on any mixing tins, I knew how to make “Baileys” Irish Cream.  Our version. Drink it after dinner, in your coffee, with vanilla ice cream or even drizzled (let’s be honest, poured) on cheesecake. However you like.  This homemade “Irish Cream” is certainly competition for it’s mass produced, most known, seemingly first, commercial clone.  You’re welcome and here’s to getting through the rest of the holiday season.

Usual Location:

holiday party underway inside

The recipe:

recipe in Tony’s handwriting

My recipe (due to time and ingredients a few modifications):

Items needed:  4 Whole Eggs, 1 can of condensed milk, 8 oz of Bourbon (instead of rye), 2TBSP Hershey’s Syrup, 1/2 tsp Coconut flavor, 2TSPS vanilla, mason jars, ribbon or twine, fabric or parchment paper

Method:  Blend eggs first, (recipe calls for blender) I use a Kitchen Aid mixer with whisk attachment and mix thoroughly.  Add the remaining ingredients and (blend) mix on high speed.  Pour into Mason jars and drink immediately or chill.


eggs first
eggs first
all blended
all blended
pour into jars
pour into jars



Use parchment paper and twine or any fabric and ribbon of your choosing, if you like.  Best to label and date under parchment paper on the lid if you choose to gift.

That’s it. Easy and ready in as little as ten minutes.  Happy holidays!  Please drink responsibly. Salut!

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