Pasta! A Prince and a Food Truck!


Cue angeles singing.  I am in heaven. One of my ideas of what heaven is that is.  Pasta Food Truck!  OMG!  There is a line of course. To be expected. A few items from the menu: Macaroni Tartufo, Creste Di Gallo, Casereccie Alla Riviera, Agnolotti Di Vitello, and even Insalata Di Riso.  Served in style-cool recycled brown cardboard pint size portion containers.  And lets not forget, dessert.  Tiramisu and Pannacotta (angels just started singing louder).  With sites like on how to build your own food truck and other food trucks on the street, the line of trucks outside LACMA, Los Angles Art Walk, weekend nights on the Abbot Kinney and the other late night taco trucks scattered about Los Angeles, I thought every style of cuisine, from simple to fusions, was covered. Until now. Move over taco trucks.  There is an Italian presence is on the streets and pasta is on the menu!

Semolina flour, eggs, and an Italian born, only Italian speaking Grandma and lots of love are some of the ingredients needed for making pasta.  I know. I learned to make pasta from Chef Mirko years ago.  While Paderno isn’t an Italian Grandma (obviously), he is Italian and he did learn from one and continuing to pass on his knowledge, for this we are so grateful.  Chef Mirko Paderno formally at Cecconi’s, then off to become Executive Chef to two restaurants in Viceroy Hotels portfolio, and recent restauranteur is now cooking up with his team scrumptious melt in your mouth pasta on pasta truck created by a real live Italian Prince.  That’s right Emanuele Filiberto! Oh yes, a real live Prince and for sure this pasta truck is only the beginning.  He, Filiberto, said so himself.  I would expect nothing less!

Chef Mirko ready to take pasta trucks out onto the streets of Los Angeles (photo courtesy of Chef Mirko)
Chef Mirko ready to take pasta trucks out onto the streets of Los Angeles (photo courtesy of Chef Mirko)


the line is starting to form..Trader Joe’s employees are starting to come..
On the menu today!
On the menu today!
orders coming.. line them up..
inside the truck looks like a real kitchen..
the goods
molte bene? Si! (my Italian is terrible)
delizioso! ..indulging street side Truffle pasta! Truffle happy on Olympic Blvd.


My plan for my 40th birthday is to be celebrated with food trucks in downtown Los Angeles in a parking lot with lounge chairs, lights and a DJ.  Block party style.  While I love tacos and taco trucks, fresh handmade pasta trumps! So needless to say my planning is currently being reassessed thanks to the Prince of Venice.  For dates, times and locations follow @pinceofvenicefoodtruck on Instagram.  And Maybe even consider renting this truck for your private event. For inquires, or call (310) 614.5443.

Just as printed on Prince of Venice Food Truck menu cards, a quote from Federico Fellini, “Life is a combination of Magic and Pasta.”  I couldn’t agree more.

Buon Appetito!

Until next time…

I’ll be practicing making pasta and eating my research.

my first round pasta making
my first round pasta making



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