IMG_7852Did someone say crepes?! Rum?! No excuses needed to eat and/or drink either. If you are looking for one, Bastille Day is just as good as any!  I am not French, not even a little bit, except by association. Guess that counts for something.  I am drawn to the culture and the sound of a France French speaking Frenchie makes me feel at home.  I even have a fleur-de-lis tattoo (translates French Lily) on my back.  Some of friends think maybe in another life I was French.  Today is Bastille Day, July 14, 2016.  Bastille Day is the French Independence Day similar to that of America’s Fourth of July. Don’t get me wrong, I am very American and love America. But France; in case I need to spell it out out, I. L.O.V.E. F.R.A.N.C.E. It could be all the breads, confections and the life point of views or maybe just the fashion. Chanel. Dior. Yves Saint Laurent.  Christian Louboutins.  Speaking of Christian Louboutins, the only hiking I would do (I don’t hike) would be on the city streets of Paris, France (sorry New York City) eating a croissant made of French butter and the best laminated dough in the world in the infamous red bottom Christian Louboutins guzzling a latte on the way to the train to go to Champagne. Yep, my version of hiking. City streets of Paris, France.  I mention the croissant and not a crepe, should I not be able to find a crepe trolley on the way, unlikely but possible, to the train station.  Croissants in France are a must and a bit easier to eat while trotting to train stations holding and guzzling said latte.  Yes, I digress. Ah, day dreaming!  Back to Bastille Day and crepe making. In my kitchen.  In Beverly Hills, CA.  So, to start out Bastille Day celebration, crepes are most certainly on the menu. Brown butter lemon sugar rum crepes to be exact.  I haven’t ever made crepes before.  These little pancakes can be for the sweet treat or the savory. Typically made with buckwheat flour (galettes) for savory and wheat flour for sweet.  Crepes are usually served as breakfast or dessert.  The word crepe is Latin root and means “curled”.  Crepes are thin pancakes.  All of mine don’t turn out so thin.  Maybe because of my pan size.  Doesn’t matter.  I don’t mind.  And as for the filling. No filling for me today. A simple translucent glaze will do.  Pyrat Rum, lemon and sugar is my choice today.  Pyrat Rum is said to protect bartenders. Probably marketing but I’d like to believe this to be true.  I have a soft spot for bartenders and this rum is delicious. So, here they are.  Lemony sweet hint of caramel slightly boozy deliciousness.  Scrumptious!

Recipe Inspiration came from a few Pinterest searches that lead me to these blogs:

William Sonoma: How to Make the Perfect Crepe (They also sell a cool Crepe making kit shown in the video)

A Real-Life Housewife:  Modern Domesticity

Recipes, the crepe recipes anyway, seem to be almost all the same.  Eggs, I use Heavy Cream and Water (equal parts), Kosher Sea Salt and  All-Purose Flour.  Mix it up!  Ladle in the pan. Flip after 20-30 seconds and Voila! Crepes. And for the glaze, mix equal parts water sugar, boil to a syrup.  Add rum and squeezes of fresh lemon to taste to the warm sugar syrup.  Brush finished glaze on each crepe with a pastry brush (if you have) or spoon on and use the back of the spoon to spread if that works better for you.  Sprinkle extra sugar if you like. Roll and consume. Fork and knife not required but recommended.  Warm crepes with warm rum lemon simple syrup! Lip licking, yes.  Seconds, yes please! Oh, if you don’t drink, or can’t have alcohol, forget the rum. Lemon and sugar hold their own in the flavor department.

I use AP Flour from Trader Joe’s
Rum! Yes please.. for rum butter sauce
kitchen aid whisk attachment for whisking
lemons brighten up the flavor
lemons brighten up the flavor
ladle in to a warm butter frying pan
French butter from Brittany, France purchased from the Trader Joe's
French butter from Brittany, France purchased from the Trader Joe’s

2016-07-14 16-01-14 -0700

batter will bubble lightly. Flip (if you can) and turn for about 20-30 seconds
first round.. a little thicker than I want.. trying again..


brush on rum and sugar syrup with pastry brush and sprinkle with a little more white granulated sugar



glaze roll and consume!
The Clean Up
The Clean Up

To Independence! Bon Appetit! Don’t forget the champagne!

Until Next Time…