Caviar Milk Hair Mask

IMG_1520My hair is thirsty. What’s the Deal with Caviar Hair Treatments features information and benefits of the most royal sparkly food of all. Diamonds in a tin, if you will. Caviar.  That’s right!  Will caviar pearls and heavy cream work magic on my dehydrated goldie locks?  Soon to find out. Straight from my refrigerator, caviar and heavy cream for the test.  Caviar packed with vitamins (A, B12, D, and E) and minerals and milk softens, smooths and hydrates.  What a combo!  Perhaps not the best wallet friendly DIY, worth a try, at least once.

Heavy cream and caviar from Petrossian.  Add pearls to the bowl and with the back of the spoon press and roll to open up pearls
I add a bout a half a cup of heavy cream to about 13 grams of caviar


gray milky mixture starts to form


before application
before application


My dryer, tray and brush. I try mask under heat.



mixture on my hands
mixture on my hands
mixture added to wet hair
mixture applied to the ends and mid-shaft of wet hair. Dry hair is more porous and could benefit more but in my case of color treated hair I opt for wet hair..


brush hair after applied to evenly coat the hair
brush hair after applied to evenly coat the hair
Treatment is applied. Hair is wrapped with a damp Turkish towel and I put myself under heat. 15 minutes.  Turkish towels also help dry while reducing frizz
checking out the ends after..
checking out the ends after..
checking out hair in different lights..
after hair mask hair washed and dried
hair is softer and fuller and most importantly smells clean. No fishy smelling hair here..

I certainly notice the benefits. In the future, I will purchase products that are already have milk or heavy cream, caviar and or caviar powder inside and enjoy eating this delicacy instead. Missing out on the salty creamy caviar pearls popping in my mouth seem like such a waste to put on my hair.  Champagne please!

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