Kitchen to Cosmetics: Flax Seed Coffee Face Mask

Flax Seeds

Flax seed coffee mask? Seems strange, right? I am in need of facial and a spa day for that matter.  Too many things in my time as usual. Looking at my skin this morning, I know what I need. Flax seeds and ground coffee in my cupboard, I decide to make a flaxseed coffee face mask. It’s something until I can go to the spa. At home treatments are easy and not to mention convenient.  I even leave this mask on while I upload photos for this post.

Flax seeds are considered a superfood and when used topically excellent for tightening and smoothing the skin. Flax seeds also reduce pore size on the skin.  Coffee is an excellent exfoliate and reduces puffiness. Alone both ingredients are great!  Together? Double benefits! Treatments like this have been used around the world in many cultures for centuries.  With summer coming and excess of oily skin (at least for me), this is a drying, cooling and refreshing mask. And since it’s light and all natural it can be a once a week mask. You will feel the benefits immediately!  Who doesn’t want firm, tighter, smoother skin instantly?


3 teaspoons of water

1 heaping teaspoon of flax seeds

1/8 teaspoon of coffee (came with the idea after having grinds left in my coffee grinder and my skin feeling a bit puffy this morning)


  1. Place flaxseeds and coffee (if coffee is still beans) into grinder (Magic Bullet in my case) or food processor
  2. Pulse about 15 seconds.
  3. Pour into a bowl. Add 3 teaspoons of water.
  4. Refrigerate for 25 minutes
  5. Take cool mixture out of refrigerator, stir with a spoon of choice and apply generously onto face. Avoid eyes and lips.
  6. Leave on skin for 20 minutes
  7. Rinse with warm water. May take a few rinses. Instantly smoother skin revealed. Water feels refreshing.
  8. Pat dry (I use a super soft Turkish towel)
  9. Enjoy firmer Omega antioxidant rich skin
1 heaping teaspoon of flaxseeds
magic Bullet just worked it’s magic.. grounds
after about 15 seconds of pulsing in the Magic Bullet
ground flax seed and coffee mixture
I added 3 teaspoons of water and mixed before putting into the fridge
after 25 minutes in the fridge
instantly feels cool and gradually tightens
after 25 minutes on face
testing water and getting ready to wash my face
face washing complete
2016-05-19 12-18-08 -0700-2
I am getting good at this “selfie” ing…
take a few tries to get off but the coffee grinds help with exfoliating
take a few tries to get off but the coffee grinds help with exfoliating and removing
drying off face withTurkish towel. Skin and towel equally as soft
drying off face with Turkish towel. Skin and towel equally as soft..

With my new soft tighter skin I am ready to get through the rest of the week!  Give it a try. Lemme know what you think!

Until Next Time…




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