The Yogurt Bowl

IMG_3147Beautiful vibrant colored yogurt bowls on social media.  One day I even counted to see how many I actually saw on the Instagram search.  I of course lose count clicking to find out ingredients, how to make, where to buy, etc. There were hundreds it seems. Some chia seed puddings, smoothie bowls and the like also looked beautiful and very much like yogurt. The more I peruse, I remember, I have always liked them.

Here is one example from Instagram:

An example of a yogurt bowl from Instagram
An example of a yogurt bowl ( this one is vegan ) from Instagram.


My love affair first began to grow strong for the yogurt bowl back in the hot New York City summer days in late nineties. Several mornings a week, before my scheduled time to report to the Lincoln Center Festival production offices, I stop by a delicatessen, (who’s name has escaped me now and probably isn’t there anymore anyway) for their, soon to be mine, full fat, berries and granola yogurt bowl. At the time, I think it was a more plastic cup lid situation.  Very simple flavor combinations. There was no guava, star fruit, chia seeds, hemp seeds, dragon fruit passion fruit, acai. Didn’t seem quite as progressive  or elaborate back in the day.  This could have have been due to the inability to view instantly and as a result, I can’t say for sure but seemed that way. To my earliest memory, that’s how it all started, my love for the yogurt bowl.  I loved it then and I do now. So, today, I make one.

Checking my refrigerator for ingredients,  I find mostly randoms.  And Champagne. I eat everything I love first. And despite my list before going to the supermarket, I often come home with more things not on my list’s list, including several bottles of Champagne.  I almost always arrive to the market hungry too and as far as the Champagne goes, one day I will host that dinner party or eight. Until then, they lay on the bottom of my fridge shelves silently begging to be opened. FYI. I usually open without hosting a party of any kind anyway and replace after the next market trip. And so the story goes. A bottle of Champagne is ALWAYS a good idea though.  Back to the yogurt bowl.  In the refrigerator I find, the main ingredient, full fat FAGE Greek yogurt from Whole Foods Market, which I knew I had. And now the rummaging begins. Sweetened coconut flakes, hemp seeds, kiwi and a bag of Happy Trekking Mix from the Trader Joe’s make their way to the counter top, along side the yogurt. In the freezer, frozen bananas called GONE BANANAS, also from he Trader Joe’s.  The frozen chocolate covered bananas will keep part of their shell. I will deconstruct. The Happy Trekking Mix, I will separate.  In the cupboard, chocolate chips, oats, Ceylon cinnamon and honey.  The cherries on top, so to speak. As I prep my misen en place, I know that  this is my version of a healthy dessert. Yogurt is a thick creamy almost sour delicious tart glob, often in need of stirring, of active cultures doing a body good. All the other ingredients on my counter, perhaps not so good for the body in large quantities. But atop this yogurt–delicious! This is my “test kitchen” ! Let the fun begin!

first the FAGE comes out a little bit clumpy. Stirring is required.



separated Trek Mix and chocolate peeled off frozen bananas
separated Trek Mix and chocolate peeled off frozen bananas
hemp seeds, sweetened coconut and oats
hemp seeds, sweetened coconut and oats





Next time at the market when I start the Super Market Sweep, I will make a concerted effort to buy items that will be the best to eat and create with, after I have eaten all my favorite things, of course. All the while keeping the yogurt bowl in the forefront of mind.

Hope you are inspired to play in your kitchen and make your own yogurt bowl! Send me comments and pictures of your yogurt bowls!

Until Next Time…


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