Flowers & Inspiration at The Los Angeles Flower Mart

2016-05-04 11-02-40 -0700-2In need of flowers for the perfect tablescape, or giving a gift and feeling a bit creative?  I find myself in the perfect place for all of the above located in downtown Los Angeles. I happen to be in search of the perfect purple Hyacinths.  The Los Angeles Flower Mart has every flower that is in season and then some as well as all necessary accoutrement.  Vases, foams, wires, ribbon, you name it. The entrance fee is two dollars, so bring cash. US currency. I arrive realizing I have with five Euro, a Malaysian dollar note and (sigh of relief) two two dollar bills and otherwise a few credit cards. I changed my handbag and wallet before leaving my apartment. You don’t see too many two dollar bills so I was happy to exchange this for my entrance into TLAFM.  The lady collecting money at the door tells her colleague, I hear her say as I walk away, “this is for luck”. The Los Angeles Flower Mart is a series of many individual vendors under two roofs, warehouse style, across the street from each other.  Wearing a neon yellow-green sticker gives me access to both. An indoors street market, if you will. Smells of morning dew and waves of sweet fragrances swirl. Random chatter echoes as I walk inside. If you seek, you shall find. It didn’t take me long. The second booth to the left. I find exactly what I am looking for and then some. Even an orchid sale as I round the corner to exit. My orchids at home are all on the verge of being presumed dead. I buy an orchid. I couldn’t be happier with my  Hyacinths, Peonies, Cockscombs and Orchid in hand. A trip to Wall Street, once not so hip, is now bustling and fun. Much of downtown Los Angeles is. The staff is helpful and friendly and answers any question you may have.  Parking for me came easy. Right out front. A meter, green light blinking with twenty five minutes. There is also a garage or two that you can pay a few bucks should you not be able to find anything on the street. I hope you find your way to The Los Angeles Flower Mart or something comparable in your hood if you aren’t in the Los Angeles area.  If for nothing else other than inspiration.

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Park Avenue here! These are two of my favorites.

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my new orchid