Photography and The Rain Room




Listen. It’s the sound of rain. The faint sound of my shutter. I am inside The Rain Room. A few months earlier, the clicking sound of my keyboard’s keys was all I’d hear.  After emailing the only well-known professional successful photographer I know asking questions about what camera and lenses to buy, I begin my research and in the unanswered energies of the email, I find my answer. Not without a few hiccups; however, all falls into place. A purchase at Samy’s Camera on Fairfax, a return, more research and another camera body purchase and a few used lenses later I have a starter kit that works for me. (Thanks Mike D.) Nikon 7200, Nikkor 50mm, 17-55mm, and 85mm micro lenses.  I really want a fisheye lens but I don’t need. This is a built in feature with my camera. I am ready to shoot. In theory, of course. I have no idea what I am doing at the point of purchase and I am still learning.  Then again, aren’t I always. My experience with photography has been from a point and shoot camera and an iPhone5 and iPhone6 camera.  While the Nikon 7200 user manual helps, I like videos. has great classes. So, I register for a few classes. I start with food photography class, drink photography and basics of photography.  Photographing drinks and running water is hard for me, I soon learn. I prefer to photograph food. And what is ISO, F-stop again? What does aperture do exactly?  I have been working with my camera for several months now and I am still consulting a cheat sheet. F-stop, shutter speed and ISO are all combined how to capture the perfect image?  Practicing on my own with a combination of the above mentioned classes from, the occasional You Tube video and my Nikon manual (helpful and yet my least favorite) is my approach. Always in search of ways and wheres to practice, outside of my kitchen and whatever restaurant or bar I frequent, I find myself at LACMA’s Rain Room exhibit. I also add the Frank Gehry exhibit for extra inspiration. It doesn’t rain in Los Angeles very often anyway so not only will I get to hear, see and smell the rain in a controlled environment, I think this is a great place for me to practice.  Win, win. I could use a day at the museum anyway.

Almost three months in advance I buy tickets for January 25th and 12:45.  All the preceding dates of interest to me are sold out. At first I think, while I miss the rain, and the pictures on social media are cool, we are in a drought and why would an art exhibit be happening in Los Angeles, with water, with rain?  The water is recycled, so don’t fret.  After a few clicks and a little data entry on LACMA’s website, I have my tickets.  I can’t wait! The more I think about it, the more I realize that I have REALLY missed the rain. I was born on the East Coast and lived in both South Carolina and New York City.  Both have their fair share of rain. Thanks LACMA, Random International, Restoration Hardware, Hyundai and supporters for bringing the rain to me.


2016-01-28 01-51-24 -0800


Cap off! Let's shoot!
Cap off! Let’s shoot!
Tickets for two! The Rain Room! (I ended up going alone though..)


Light before Rain.. Out front LACMA
Light before Rain..
Out front LACMA

stop by Coffee and Milk for an espresso before your visit to the Rain Room
stop by Coffee and Milk for an espresso before your visit to the Rain Room

The Rain Room



Shadows inside. Me outside in line at the stanchions



Shadows inside The Rain Room
walking in through entrance
walking in through entrance
NOTE: move slowly. You will get wet!..


Rain Room shot with no rain. Yes, I was inside the rain room..I managed to capture no rain through camera setting..
Slowly captured the rain in The Rain Room..
Opened up.. Rainy day fun! The Rain Room…

2016-07-15 00-19-02 -0700


Raining from the ceiling.. controlled censored technology..
Chartreuse light visible through the rain
Chartreuse light visible through the rain


Me. Taking in The Rain Room.. sound sight smell feel of the room amazing!.. picture taken by a family I met behind me with my iphone6..
Rain Sheet. Silver water. The Rain Room.
Me. Taking a picture of my shadow. Nikon 7200. The Rain Room.
End of my Rain Room visit..

So, if you haven’t seen The Rain Room, I for certain suggest going before it is gone.  The last date for this exhibit is April 24, 2016. In the meantime, I will work on learning my Nikon some more and maybe see you there for more captures.


Until then…